November 22, 2008

Public or private?

Last week Duffy had a brief, albeit thought-provoking, post about the Obama's choice of school for their daughters. He writes:

They're going private. That anyone thinks this is anything other than guaranteed is not dealing with reality. They'll cite "security concerns" or some crap. But the truth is they know how awful DC public schools are.

I will not listen to a single word against vouchers or charter schools from people who do not send their kids to public schools. That goes double for teachers of public schools and triple for anyone in elected office.

I actually don't think the security concerns are "crap;" in fact, I think they're quite legitimate. However, I'm totally with Duff on his second point. I mean, if Obama is fortunate enough to be able to send his children to an elite private school, why would he oppose that choice for someone else -- someone less fortunate? Indeed -- if you oppose that very option for someone else, yet YOU act ON it, I don't wanna hear from you. At all. Ever.

My daughter didn't attend public school until the middle school years. That choice was largely due to my wife's religion (Catholic). But I wouldn't fall into Duff's "Don't Wanna Hear From 'Ya" category for the main reason: I'm all in favor vouchers and charter schools.

The "official" Obama school announcement was yesterday. Their daughters will attend the elite Sidwell Friends School, the same school Chelsea Clinton went to. Newsbusters' Michael Bates tells us why this announcement occurred so late on Friday afternoon.

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Actually, Obama came out big for school choice, citing charter schools as his prime example of something he wants to expand.

Posted by: Dana Garrett at November 22, 2008 07:29 PM

Indeed. Thanks for the clarification, Dana. But Obama still sure has a much better "choice" than the vast majority of DCers. And in DC, they're sure gonna need a LOT of new charters to make up for the mess in that town.

Posted by: Hube at November 22, 2008 07:50 PM

Sorry, Dana, but if you are against vouchers you are against school choice.

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at November 23, 2008 03:35 PM

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