November 20, 2008

What -- me be "ordinary?"

'Ya gotta love politicians (and their spouses):

Times are tough, but evidently not so tough New York couldn't spend $21,000 on an antique Turkish rug for the governor's mansion.

That purchase came as Gov. David Paterson was ordering state agencies to cut spending and warning of dire economic hardships to come as budget deficits mount to $2 billion this year alone.

The Times Union of Albany reports Thursday that Office of General Services records show the 10-foot-by-15-foot custom-stitched rug was shipped July 31. An OGS spokesman said the purchase was part of routine maintenance.

Critics say government should cut waste before asking citizens to sacrifice.

Elsewhere, the Texas House of Representatives recently ordered about $140,000 in items for its lounge, including antique chandeliers and big screen televisions. (Source.)

Then there's the wife of Iowa Governor Chet Culver who thinks only the "little people" have to follow the laws her hubby gladly signs into law:

Iowa’s first lady admitted today that she smoked in a state-owned vehicle, breaking a law that her husband signed with fanfare in April. The law bans smoking in most workplaces, including employers’ vehicles. It specifically bans smoking in government-owned cars.

Oh, and guess what -- neither news story labels Paterson nor Culver as ... Democrats. Surprise!!

(h/t to Shirley for the Paterson/TX House story!)

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