November 20, 2008

But that would be elitist, they tell me

Xrlq: My question to readers: if every ballot had a few questions like Zieglerís, and the ballot was voided if fewer than half of these questions had been answered correctly, would we ever see another Democrat in the White House?

Ziegler is John Ziegler, who runs the site He recently did an experiment not unlike that of Howard Stern whereby numerous Obama supporters were asked basic [civics] questions.

I've previously written about making it "harder to vote" here.

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While we're distracted by a few "created" ballots in Ohio and a couple of "lost" ones in Ohio, national elections are stolen on a far larger scale, and in much subtler ways, by craftily shaping public opinion rather than informing people's opinions.

Posted by: al at November 20, 2008 08:25 PM