November 06, 2008

Touré does his part for race relations

Here's what former CNN gabber and current BET host "Touré" (I hate people who use one name) has to ask now that Barack Obama has been elected:

  • How can we feel America hates us when a black man is elected president?
  • Can We Say 'Fuck Whitey' If the President Is Black?
  • Whom do we rail against if the guy in the Oval Office is one of us?

It's a mixed message from Mr. One-Name, full of a lot of the usual [liberal] racial canards, but also some tough questions. This, however, ain't one of 'em:

His election may serve to highlight, once again, the color biases of white people (at least in the electoral realm). The three biggest elected offices in America are president, governor, and senator, and all the black men who have held those offices are light- skinned—Obama, Deval Patrick (current governor of Massachusetts), David Paterson (current governor of New York), Doug Wilder (former governor of Virginia), and Edward Brooke (former senator from Massachusetts). Even the black man who’ll go down in history as the one who could have been president if only he’d found a fire in the belly, Colin Powell, is very light-skinned. These color issues matter only because there are long-held stereotypes attached to them that have no relevance or integrity today, but somehow still seem to be upheld.

The question is why are they upheld, Touré? I mean, you bringing up Hurricane Katrina and Jena 6 "upholds" precisely that which you're railing against regarding light-skinned blacks; that is, the main official in charge of evacuation for Katrina was a black man (Ray Nagin), and the next highest local official was a Democrat woman governor (Kathleen Blanco) -- y'know, Democrat, whose party captures over 90% of the black vote every four years. And the Jena 6 matter was ridiculously blown out of proportion and fraught with reporting errors. (The beating of a white student had nothing to do with a noose hanging months before, and a lot more.)

In other words, these incidents "have no relevance or integrity today, but somehow still seem to be upheld."

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And on a related note, can we say 'Fuck Darky' if the President is Black?

And if the answer is no, doesn't that prove the essential offensiveness and racism of 'Fuck Whitey"?

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at November 6, 2008 06:26 PM

This is the natural conclusion of the politics of race. He is African American in that *he actually has a direct connection to Africa*. So Toure is relegated to precisely what percentage of melanin is in their skin. Satire is dead.

Posted by: Duffy at November 7, 2008 08:42 AM

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