November 05, 2008

What to do when a comics news mag gets it wrong??

Answer: Go to the Iron Fan, a.k.a. Hube of The Colossus of Rhodey!

I was combing through Wizard #206 that a friend had lent me, and in the back where they have their price index I saw the following blurb:

Obviously I've recently written about changes in the "Iron Man" movie cast, as well as the speculation of seeing War Machine in "Iron Man 2." That's Wizard's premise here, but their facts are WRONG.

  • 1) This issue was NOT War Machine's first-ever appearance. It was in Iron Man #281 on the last splash page.
  • 2) "Rhodey Rhodes??" Who the hell is THAT? It's either Jim Rhodes, James Rhodes, or Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes. Or just Rhodey. Not "Rhodey Rhodes." Cripes.
  • 3) Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes was NOT -- repeat NOT -- in the War Machine armor seen above nor in it in the next issue, #283 (see red underline). Tony Stark was inside it. Tony Stark did not bequeath the armor to Rhodes until issue #284, a whole two issues after what the bunglers at Wizard tell you.
  • 4) The armor wasn't originally called "War Machine." It was actually just a specialized suit of Iron Man armor called the "Variable Threat Response Battle Suit."

Got it, Wizard? ;-)

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