November 04, 2008

Speaking of War Machine ...

... besides the news that Don Cheadle will be replacing Terrance Howard as Jim Rhodes/War Machine in "Iron Man 2," did anyone out there know that War Machine actually was once a suit of alien armor? Yep, that's right. (At left is the first full issue of this alien suit, War Machine #19.)

In the mid-90s, apparently Marvel wasn't doing too well with "two" Iron Men -- Tony Stark as Iron Man and Jim Rhodes as War Machine. War Machine was, after all, just a "specialized" set of Iron Man armor anyway, first seen in Iron Man #281. So what Marvel did was blatantly copy a kickin' idea from Japan: They turned Jim Rhodes into an American version of The Guyver. "Guyver" is an excellent anime offering where a young lad mistakenly comes across a suit of "bio booster" armor -- a suit which integrates directly with its user's body and augments his abilities to the Nth degree. The original series is available for purchase here, and you can also watch a couple episodes for free at that link.

So -- did Marvel's gambit work? Not at all. The "transition" was hastily done, the art for the most part was pretty sloppy, and the War Machine title ended just six issues later at #25. Eventually, Rhodes "lost" the suit when he used it to purge Stark's computers of all information concerning the Iron Man armor when Stark's company was taken over by a rival. Rhodes subsequently got his "regular" War Machine suit back several years later, as well as seeing action in the "parallel universe" stories of US War Machine.

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