October 15, 2008

Why does John Murtha want the GOP to capture Pennsylvania?

He must, with asinine comments like this: "There is no question that western Pennsylvania is a racist area."

If that's true, why do both the Steelers and the Pirates wear black?

Posted by Hube at October 15, 2008 05:45 PM | TrackBack

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Ha ha! So what does the gold represent? ;)

I have no idea why he (or Rendell, earlier this year) would say this freakin' stuff out loud. But as a 33-year-old native, I've seen enough to know that the Commonwealth is not your typical "blue" state. There's a reason why pundits throughout the nation refer to most of the state as "Pennsyltucky."

Is it particularly racist? Compared to what? The deep south? No, surely not. But compared to the other Kerry blue states...no question, I'm afraid. And I'm NOT talking Republicans here. The worst offenders are probably blue-collar Democrats.

It's an incredibly insular state. In fact, I believe it's the most insular in the nation as far as the number of people who never leave. And there's a no-brainer correlation between insularity and intolerance.

Come on down for a weekend and strike up a conversation in working class bars, and you'd be stunned at what you'll overhear and/or what would get you nods of agreement by saying out loud. I work part-time as a karaoke DJ, and if I had a dime for the number of "nudge nudge wink wink" comments about "those types" that I've gotten from bar owners....krikey.

Posted by: dan at October 15, 2008 07:51 PM

Oh, and even though I don't necessarily agree with all of his comments, I love the message from the FOX News VP here.


Posted by: dan at October 15, 2008 07:53 PM

(The Penguins wear black, too.)

Clearly Murtha is an angry old man suffering from a combination of senile dementia and post-traumatic stress disorder from his experiences in Vietnam. Oh wait, that would only be true if he were a Republican.

Posted by: G Rex at October 16, 2008 09:57 AM

From fivethirtyeight.com's latest report from each of the fifty states...

"Over in Indiana, PA and Northern Cambria, PA, volunteers fielded complaints of a massive wave of ugly robocalls both paid for by John McCain's campaign and those paid for by third parties. The third party call was interactive, and purported to be from Barack Obama himself. The call starts out reasonably, and then "Obama" asks what the listener thinks is the most important issue. Whatever the response, "Obama" then launches into a profane and crazed tirade using "n***er" and other shock language."

Posted by: dan at October 18, 2008 12:05 PM

Yeah, there's Murtha's "proof," dan.

Posted by: Hube at October 18, 2008 06:40 PM