October 07, 2008

The Messiah once again uses the "this is not the person I knew" excuse

You knew it was coming! The Messiah has now claimed that he "didn't know the history" of unrepentant bomber William Ayers when Ayers hosted a fundraiser for him in 1995.

"There's no evidence that they're close," [Obama campaign chief David] Axelrod added.

"There's no evidence that Obama in any way subscribed to any of Ayers' views. And Obama's been very clear about condemning the despicable acts that Bill Ayers committed 40 years ago when Obama was 8 years old."

I don't know of too many people that say Obama and Ayers are "close" as in they "hang out a lot." I also don't know of too many people that believe Obama believes in Ayers' terrorist mantra. But the fact that Obama was "8 years old at the time is just as silly as it is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is that Obama and Ayers did have a working relationship with the Chicago Annenberg Challenge:

In the first year, 1995, Obama headed the board, which made fiscal decisions, and Ayers co-chaired the Collaborative, which set education policy. During that first year, Obama’s formal responsibilities mandated close cooperation and coordination with the Collaborative. As board chair and president of the CAC corporation, Obama was authorized to “delegate to the Collaborative the development of collaborative projects and programs . . . to obtain assistance of the Collaborative in the development of requests for proposals . . . and to seek advice from the Collaborative regarding the programmatic aspects of grant proposals.” All this clearly involves significant consultation between the board, headed by Obama, and the Collaborative, co-chaired by Ayers.

The Chicago Annenberg Challenge stands as Barack Obama’s most important executive experience to date. By its own account, CAC was a largely a failure. And a series of critical evaluations point to reasons for that failure, including a poor strategy, to which the foundation over-committed in 1995, and over-reliance on community organizers with insufficient education expertise. The failure of CAC thus raises entirely legitimate questions, both about Obama’s competence, his alliances with radical community organizers, and about Ayers’s continuing influence over CAC and its board, headed by Obama. Above all, by continuing to fund Ayers’s personal projects, and those of his political-educational allies, Obama was lending moral and material support to Ayers’s profoundly radical efforts. Ayers’s terrorist history aside, that makes the Ayers-Obama relationship a perfectly legitimate issue in this campaign.

Did Obama know of Ayers' past at this time? When did he know about it? Has he ever actually severed all ties to Ayers? This surprisingly balanced CNN report may shed some light:

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I heard it on the Dom Giordano show tonight on my way home from work that the Obama Camp is going to go after McCain with a Gotcha because Marc Sanford presently sits on a Board with Ayers... Serious shit..

Posted by: Annie at October 7, 2008 08:12 PM

Serious, yeah. It'll certainly take the wind out of the sails of the current McCain attack and the entire campaign as a result.

But the fact remains Obama comes from the same political mold as Ayers, sans the [political] violence.

Posted by: Hube at October 7, 2008 08:26 PM

"no evidence" is not a denial. It's a lawyerly weasel term. It means "you have no proof but that doesn't mean there isn't any so I'm leaving myself some wiggle room should this ever come out."

Posted by: Duffy at October 8, 2008 08:15 AM