September 30, 2008

That's why they're really MSDNC

Check out the picture that was featured on MSNBC's homepage circa 1:00pm (my screen capture actually shrunk it down a bit):

This coincided with the massive headline (in CAPS) "Anger reaches boiling point on main st." Other sub-headers included "Gut Check: readers slam lack of leadership," "First Read: Blame game zooms into top gear," and "Frustration and confusion reign as the public grapples with the financial crisis and the stumbling attempts to fix it." But MSNBC makes it clear with this sizeable photo who they blame for the mess -- and they want you to, too. And it's a two-fer -- not only does "something need to be done (i.e. the bailout)," but it's President Bush's fault for wanting a bailout bill in the first place ... even though it's the majority of Democrats in Congress who side with him, not Bush's fellow GOP. It's HE who -- yes -- should be thrown in jail for wanting a bailout. Not Nancy Pelosi and Co.

This is what MSDNC wants its readers to keep in their heads -- the image of this sign. What "liberal media" indeed.

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