September 27, 2008

Is this what we're in for if this is a really close election?

Check out this video from Missouri -- Obama "Truth Squads," which are utilizing law enforcement to "crack down" on campaign ads which are "misleading" or are "lying."

Are you freakin' kidding me? Law enforcement?? One wonders if there is a John McCain Truth Squad out there doing same. Certainly, many Obama-oriented ads should be "prosecuted," eh?

Speaking of which, I attended a dinner last evening where the keynote speaker was the Wall St. Journal's John Fund. His new book, Stealing Elections, details how real voter fraud (not the mythical GOP fraud that "occurred" in Florida or Ohio) will threaten [especially] close elections. Fund noted how the fraud-embattled group ACORN is Obama's true background as a "community organizer," and most disturbingly how Obama has thousands of lawyers at the ready -- ready to challenge close voting districts throughout the country (mostly in "battleground" states), mainly by utilizing ACORN-style tactics of using counted provisional ballots -- which may include myriad phony voters. Since it'll take days to verify these provisional ballots, we're facing protracted election litigation that could make the 2000 election look like a well-oiled voting process.

UPDATE: There should be some arrests made from The Messiah's camp -- NOW!!

UPDATE 2: Beware an Obama presidency, conservatives. The Fairness Doctrine will be back, and free speech will be "balanced" between "fairness," "offensiveness" and one's political stripe.

UPDATE 3: ACORN's dream: Non-citizens being able to vote. "Unfortunately," they can't.

UPDATE 4: In the span of 48 hours Obama drops a condition of the banking bailout. The dropped condition benefits ... ACORN.

UPDATE 5: Patterico has still more on the history of Democrat free speech intimidation.

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I am so glad you brought this up. I have been reading about this for a while now and I've heard one or two journalists bring it up, one being Jake Tapper who is now with ABC and formerly of Salon Magazine. A few of my girls in Wilmington were courted to work for ACORN and two that took a job with them, they worked for weeks without a paycheck...and finally quit. I wish there were more individuals out there to expose this organization that is preying on people (I'm talking HOMELESS PEOPLE) who don't know the ins and outs and are desperate for a job. Where's the AG? Uh, duh, he's busy seizing properties.

Posted by: Anne at September 27, 2008 09:59 AM

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