September 23, 2008

I thought the Left wanted to talk about issues?

Newsweek apparently doesn't. The "big" story on their recent radar is that John McCain owns 13 cars, not all of them American-made. The "let's talk about issues" Obama campaign held a conference call about this ... "issue":

Barack Obama's backers Sunday branded Republican John McCain as out of touch and guilty of betraying US workers after it was reported his family owns 13 cars, including several foreign models.

The Republican presidential hopeful and his family have already faced ridicule and criticism from Democrats over a property portfolio which includes seven homes.

The United Auto Workers union (UAW) accused the Arizona senator in a conference call organized by Democrats of not telling the truth about always buying American cars, as the family fleet reportedly includes a Honda and a Volkswagen.

However, only two of the 13 cars is foreign-made, and only one is actually registered to McCain himself -- and that's an American-made Cadillac. The others are registered to McCain's wife who happens to be a drift-racer and car buff. Oh, and since she's rich, it shouldn't be surprising that she owns quite a few cars. Oh, and three of them are GEM electric vehicles.

I like how the Obama camp says (falsely) that McCain is "betraying" US workers by "owning" several foreign-made cars. (Why would car enthusiast Cindy McCain limit her hobby to American cars? That'd be just plain asinine. But that's beside the point.) Of course McCain could never say this, but if you extrapolate the point does it mean any American who buys/owns a foreign car is "guilty" of "betraying" US workers? (And why stop there? What about any foreign product purchased by Americans? Is that "betrayal" too?) I ask for one simple reason: I think American cars suck. And their service sucks.

OK, maybe that's a bit harsh. But I've owned two American vehicles in my life and both of them had major hassles, and the way the companies handled them was awful. The second instance was the worst. I had a 1995 Dodge Stratus whose head gasket blew shortly after the three year warranty. Chrysler knew all about the problem, and agreed to fix the gasket for a mere $100. Or so I thought. The "new" gasket blew after about four months. Any further replacement would cost full price (in other words, over $1,000). The representatives were total a-holes about the whole thing. I vowed "never again" to buy an American car. I shortly thereafter bought a Nissan Altima and have been happy as a clam with it. So, if American car makers want to play the "patriotism" card, how about they manufacture a reliable product and/or back up known problems with a reasonable solution? Dicking over your fellow American consumer doesn't sound that all "patriotic" to me.

Lastly, Greg Pollowitz has more regarding the supposed "imbroglio" over McCain's cars.

Talking about cars, the NY Times had a piece on the taxpayer-financed cars of House members, including Democrat Greg Meeks, who drives a taxpayer-funded Lexus, Democrat Maurice Hinchey, who drives a taxpayer-funded BMW, and Democrat Alcee Hastings, who drives a taxpayer-funded Infiniti. Charles Rangel, who enjoys the use of several rent-controlled apartments in New York City, drives a Cadillac at taxpayers' expense.

Taxpayer expense?? But hey, at least 'ol Chuckie Rangel drives American, though, right? He's "patriotic." Now if he'd just pay his damn mortgages ...

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Does not driving an American made car make you unpatriotic? I'm with you, American made cars suck.

Posted by: h. at September 24, 2008 10:47 AM

What if Tony Rezko bought a Cadillac and left it parked in the driveway next to Obama's so he can drive it when he needs to?

Posted by: G Rex at September 24, 2008 03:31 PM