September 10, 2008

Wow! Chris Matthews is really upset!

Got him right now on "Hardball" and he's REALLY miffed that the McCain campaign has put out an ad insinuating that The Messiah actually called Sarah Palin "a pig."

Say whaaaaat?? The same Chris Matthews who saw (and sees) racism in virtually any examination and/or criticism of The Messiah -- no matter HOW ridiculous? Cripes. No wonder MSNBC is so pathetic in the ratings. Virtually no one takes them seriously anymore. Matthews and co-loon Keith Olbermann were recently demoted from election night coverage because of their transparent advocacy on behalf of The Messiah. And not only was it Matthews who just KNEW that Obama didn't mean anything by his "pig" comment, so too did Howard Fineman (a frequent guest on MSNBC) and Andrea Mitchell (MSNBC correspondent). Imagine if these "objective" newsfolk were as vociferous in grilling Obama surrogates about inane racism implications.

That being said, I too don't think The Messiah was overtly referring to Palin when he made the remark. However, when you see and hear the crowd's reaction to Obama's comment, and how Barack kind of plays off of that reaction, that can certainly cause one to wonder -- especially given the amount of coverage to Sarah Palin's "pit bull/lipstick" comment from the RNC convention. But if I were in the McCain camp, I wouldn't have wasted an ad on this "issue." In the end, I think it'll end up hurting McCain more than The Messiah.

UPDATE: Jim Treacher has a different take on this. He feels The Messiah meant his remarks exactly as the crowd took it.

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I don't think he did, either. Hackneyed phases seem to be the Democrat forte.

Posted by: Miss AO at September 10, 2008 08:58 PM

I believe he meant it just as the crowd reacted correctly to his intended slur...this guy is showing his amateurism resorting to attacking Palin at every turn. Keep it up zerobama! I think also that the commercial was a web based one with no money spent on the wolves/lawyers in alaska commercial...that is a classic!

Posted by: cardinals fan at September 10, 2008 09:06 PM

It's all in the mind of the beholder.

Obama says he did not mean this as an attack on Palin; he meant it as an attack on McCain/Palin political positions, exactly the context in which the joke was stated.

The "Lipstick on a pig" joke is a classic, one which McCain himself has used many times, even once in the context of criticizing a Hillary Clinton position.

Let's talk about the real issues, dispensing with the this diversionary lipstick and messiah nonsense!

Posted by: Perry Hood at September 11, 2008 10:28 AM