September 07, 2008

The difference between the Left and Right in the Delaware blogosphere

Today, as part of the Newsbusters e-mail tipline, I got a tip referring to this video segment from ABC's "This Week" show. In it, Barack Obama appears to slip and refer to "his Muslim faith." Upon receiving the tip, I went to the ABC website and watched the clip in its entirety. In context, host George Stephanopoulis asks Obama about those on the right claiming that he is actually Muslim. George actually chides Obama for [wrongly] claiming the McCain campaign has been a part of that smear effort, and in answer, while acknowledging that Stephy is correct about that, he refers to those talking about "my Muslim faith." Stephanopoulis quickly corrects Obama ("You mean your Christian faith"), and Obama then corrects himself -- but then asserts what should be obvious to any reasonable viewer: That he was referring to those who claim he is a Muslim.

I wrote back to the tipster (and the other NBers) exactly what I wrote above. To have posted a bit on this supposed slip-up of Obama's would have been grossly unfair.

Compare that to the drivel over at DE Liberal. These rejects from the Democrat Underground have, over the past week or so, posted about the supposed "conspiracy" that was Sarah Palin's Down Syndrome child (was it really hers?), about Bristol Palin's pregnancy and the supposed "hypocrisy" of her mom's philosophy, and that Sarah Palin was a member of a secessionist party, etc. etc. etc. DE Libertarian's superb Steve Newton has done a thorough job calling out these cretins for this garbage.

While we've certainly had our fun pointing out the occasional Messiah gaffe or two, we -- and others on the right side of the DE blogosphere -- have refrained from rehashing the most vile and fetid rumors about the Democrat candidates that have been circulating 'round the 'net (like Obama actually being a Muslim).

So ask yourself: Who has actual standards in the DE blogosphere ... ?

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Anyone who can and will think for him/herself with integrity,Hube.

Posted by: Nancy Cleveland at September 7, 2008 10:18 PM

Another example is the so-called "banned books" list posted by Delaware Way and others. People cannot check out simple facts and will publish any drivel. Some of the books had not even been published at the time of the so-called "banning" (which never occurred). It is sad.

Posted by: Shirley at September 8, 2008 08:01 AM