September 04, 2008

Mike Protack -- still smearing Bill Lee

Yesterday, Mike "Sock Puppet" Protack unleashed a smear against fellow Marine and gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee ... because Lee likes to go out, meet women and go dancing. ('Ya follow that? Neither do most normal people.)

He's at it again today. Check out this audio where Protack belittles Lee's view on illegal immigration. While it's true that Lee had initially favored granting drivers licenses to illegal residents, he changed his mind when he saw how DE constituents felt about it. "Sock Puppet" Protack wasted no time trashing Lee on the issue; however, at the Latino Forum in Dover about one month ago, Protack is caught on tape saying he has no problem with illegal residents getting in-state college tuition -- yes, "absolutely" they should get it, he says to the questioner (who made it clear he was referring to ILLEGAL residents).

As could be predicted (because "Sock Puppet" Protack is so predictable), Protack claimed the video was "doctored." There was just one problem: A fully unedited video soon appeared of Protack's appearance at the forum, and guess what -- Protack's answer is exactly what it was on the previous video. That is, he says YES to illegal residents getting in-state college tuition.

And in yet another smear call today by "Sock Puppet" Protack, he features a caller to a radio show asking if Bill Lee knows what "e-verify" is. Hmm. Do you know what "e-verify" is? (I do, but only because I have been following the DE governor's race somewhat; you'd probably expect a DE blogger to do that, right?) Well, Lee didn't know the term, and the smear call doesn't feature the radio caller elaborating on what the term means and what it actually does. In other words, we're all supposed to be impressed with "Sock Puppet" Protack's knowledge of the esoteric terminology that investigates a person's residency status and background.

Wow, Mike. Color me "impressed."

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