August 25, 2008

Lee and Copeland Release Plan to Make Healthcare More Affordable

“By giving individuals and their doctors more choice,
we can insure more Delawareans.”

Wilmington ~ Candidate for governor, Bill Lee, and candidate for lieutenant governor, Charlie Copeland, today jointly released a plan to improve access to, and the affordability of, health care in Delaware.

The key focus of the Lee-Copeland health care plan is expanding the healthcare opti ons available to Delawareans. In releasing the plan, Lee stated, "This plan is a common sense policy for our state. It protects taxpayers, increases the options available to Delaware’s families, and would once again make certain we are the First State, leading the way on health care."

At the core of the Lee-Copeland health care plan is a provision allowing anyone in Delaware who purchases health care to purchase a plan from any state in America, provided that the state where the plan is offered has approved that plan. This immediately and vastly increases the options available to Delawareans and instantly makes health care more affordable without spending tax money on a vast health-care bureaucracy.

Remarking on the proposal, Copeland stated, "Increasing the choices available to Delawareans is the key step towards making affordable health insurance a reality and finally insuring the more than 100,000 Delawareans who currently live without health insurance, while allowing consumers and their doctors to make health care decisions. Taking this step will benefit both those who are currently insured and those who cannot currently afford insurance."

A recent study by the National Center for Policy Analysis estimates that the availability of lower cost plans could reduce the number of uninsured by up to 25% in some instances.

In addition to increasing options to individuals and families, Lee and Copeland outlined other areas for healthcare savings, including medical mistake reduction in the health care industry. Said Lee, “By encouraging our hospitals and other health care providers to further efforts to reduce medical mistakes, we will not only reduce costs for consumers with the pass through of savings from reduced malpractice insurance rates, but we will also increase the confidence that Delawareans have in the health care industry.”

Also included in plan presented by Judge Lee and Senator Copeland is support for a number of ideas which have previously been introduced in the General Assembly but seen no legislative action. These ideas include: requiring health insurers to offer a policy option stripped of all state mandates and creating a tax credit for small business owners who offer health insurance.

Recently, the state of Massachusetts has examined reducing the number of mandates on its health programs, following the passage of their "universal" health care program.

"Now that the state of Massachusetts is paying for the care, they realize and admit that mandates are burdensome and expensive," said Copeland. "Delaware needs to go in a new direction. People should not be forced to pay for coverage they will never use; they should be given the choice of the coverage they desire, including covering their own specific needs. The state shouldn't mandate a one-size-fits-all solution. That drives up the cost for everyone."

Upon releasing this plan, Judge Lee stated, "Charlie and I are convinced that we can greatly decrease the number of uninsured in Delaware and make health coverage more accessible and affordable for the already insured. It is an affront to all of Delaware that we continue to have an uninsured crisis in Delaware and that working families are forced to pay more than they should. Ending that pattern will be a top goal of the Lee-Copeland administration and this plan will make sure we achieve it."

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I have yet to see the details of this plan. Neither the Lee nor the Copeland websites has anything. Would be nice to see the details.

Posted by: Shirley at August 26, 2008 10:39 AM

Right Shirley! That's because Lee-Copeland haven't done their homework yet, as the other candidates have, long ago.

Covering 25% more in DE is not at all satisfactory.

It sounds like their plan is more of the same approach which currently has 47 million Americans uninsured. Also, among the developed countries, we are in the lower tier with higher infant mortality rates, and with shorter lifespans. And Lee-Copeland want more of the same.

Moreover, the private insurance is a much more expensive way to cover health care costs, as the Medicare model demonstrates, comparing the administration costs, about 25% versus under 5%.

What is wrong with this Lee-Copeland picture?

Posted by: Perry Hood at August 28, 2008 09:13 PM

"Covering 25% more in DE is not at all satisfactory."

Perry, I don't really want to explain this to you, but since you're in attack mode....

If you cover 25% more with private insurance, that's 25,000 people. Add to that the other planks of their platform, and you could insure about 20,000 more. If you add to that the 25,000 that are eligible for other programs, it leaves you with the 25-30,000 uninsured illegal immigrants.

If you're arguing for full government takeover of health care, then that's just a fundamental difference. But at least now you understand.

Posted by: FSP at August 28, 2008 09:52 PM