August 24, 2008

Top Ten excuses the Democrats will use if they lose the election

10. Hillary and Bill Clinton sabotaged their (The Messiah's and Biden's) efforts.

9. Racism.

8. Various state measures requiring voters to show photo ID before voting.

7. Fox News and conservative talk radio.

6. Racism.

5. Jokes about Biden's hair-plugs and The Messiah's ears.

4. The mainstream media is "too conservative."

3. GOP operatives hacked into Diebold electronic voting machines in key battleground states and added votes for McCain.

2. The Electoral College skews popular will towards red[neck] states.

And the #1 excuse the Democrats will use if they lose the election ...

1. Racism.

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voting against BHO because he is black is racism.
voting for BHO because he is black is????

Posted by: anoni at August 30, 2008 12:57 PM

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