August 19, 2008

"I feel good ... I feel better"

This one's for Duffy:

The title of the post is the classic line uttered by Pelé, when he wants to get back into the game after sustaining an injury. What? You've never seen "Victory?" From 1981, it's about a soccer game organized by the Nazis against a team of [mostly European] POWs. If you're a soccer fan, this film is for you (it stars mostly actual soccer players) and it features an exquisite soundtrack (just listen!) -- not to mention Sylvester Stallone at the height of his early 1980s popularity!

If you can set aside the fact that Pelé, the Allies best player, most likely would not have been in the same POW camp as the others (or even permitted to live, for that matter; the whole thing sorta reminds me of that "Hogan's Heroes" episode where African-American Ivan Dixon as Kinch was disguised as a Nazi guard and no German soldier noticed!), and the fact that Stallone -- who had never played soccer before in his entire life -- holds the German national team to a mere four goals (and stops a penalty kick!!), you're sure to enjoy it.

The French Resistance organizes a rescue of the team for halftime (organized by Stallone who we hear actually speaking French!), but the Allied team will have none of it -- much to Stallone's chagrin. In probably the funniest exchange of the film (you can view the exchange in this clip), a POW player exclaims "We can win this! We have a chance!"

"Chance my ASS," retorts Sly off camera. "Don't you guys understand? NO CHANCE."

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Thanks Hube!

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