August 02, 2008

Mike Protack must've gotten the memo!

Bloggasm reports on a CNN memo about its employees commenting in 'net chat rooms and elsewhere:

It depends on what you’re commenting on. A chat room is, of course, a public place. If you identify yourself, or could in any way be identified, then you should not comment on anything CNN reports on. Remember, even though you don’t say who you are, someone else might reveal your identity. AND if you’re discussing things that are in the news, keep in mind you could be seen as representing CNN, and therefore you should not comment on the issues CNN covers.

It appears as though the cable news giant is encouraging what's known as sock puppetry, doesn't it?

But even if DE's own Mike Protack was inclined to follow such an edict, he wouldn't, right? After all, he's emphatically stated, "I always use my full name on every blog or comment. I am Mike Protack and only Mike Protack."


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