July 31, 2008

Protack = former Bill Lee position

Mike "Lee's campaign is over and done" Protack attended a forum on Latino issues yesterday. Now the Sock Puppet, who wasted absolutely NO time blasting GOP competitor Bill Lee for his initial stance on drivers licenses for illegal immigrants, had this view on the children of illegal immigrants in DE public schools:

"You can't solve the long history of documented/undocumented on the backs of our children," he said to applause.

Protack also said "educating the undocumented was 'an easy answer.'"

Now the obvious question for Protack (or whatever name he might be calling himself on the DE blogs these days): If allowing illegal immigrants to hold drivers licenses is a preposterous idea (as you opined regarding Bill Lee's initial view on the matter), how is allowing the DE taxpayers to fund the education of illegal immigrants any less so??

Stay tuned for the ultimate twisting of the English language on this one.

The News Journal also noted

While none of the candidates said he would support driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants, all said they would not tolerate immigrant-bashing. They also said it is not up to places like Elsmere, which have tried to pass local ordinances, to address illegal immigration.

Which is nice; however, I'm still interested in what the News Journal noted in its June 11 article:

Protack said if he were elected governor, he would use federal Homeland Security grants to provide handheld computers to state and local police, allowing them to scan more than a dozen national databases and verify the identities and backgrounds of anyone they encounter.

I haven't seen Protack (or one of pseudononymous "surrogates") address this -- does he actually mean randomly stopping people to verify their IDs and/or backgrounds?

UPDATE: See Protack's very own words (from last night's Latino forum) for yourself:

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From the 6/11 article in the NJ (emphasis mine)

The following was supplied by the Protack campaign:

Three Step Plan for Immigration:
"2. Delaware will implement a statewide driver’s license to all residents over 16 years of age. Persons who do not drive will have the words “No Driving Privileges” on the license. This license will comply with “Real ID” national requirements using "smart card" technology. These cards will be multipurpose and will cost approximately $20 million. Illegal immigration costs Delaware $65.83 million annually in expenditures for social services, education and other costs, according to a report prepared for the state House of Representatives."

So Protack's plan now involved a $20 million expenditure for Real ID's but no tangible benefit in reducing the education burden for illegals.

Mike Protack is a panderer so desperate for applause that he'll say whatever you want to hear. In front of John Jaremchuk's group, he's a hard-liner. At the Latino debate, he advocates free public schooling, and in-state tuition for those here illegally.

Posted by: RickJ19958 at July 31, 2008 12:00 PM

Please call John Jaremchuk, he supports my three step plan, Lee does not have one except issuing driver licenses to illegals.

Once again you are clearly wrong. If a student is born here despite the status of the parents they may attend our schools. I don't advocate that-it is the law.

Again, if a student is a citizen despite the status of the parents they can't be barred from attending the Uinversity of Delaware. Check the law.

No one would be pandering to Hispanics by saying to the group Iwould not promise special programs for Hispanic Businesses or quotas for government appointments. I did that.

Posted by: Mike Protack at August 1, 2008 07:49 AM

Yeah. I'm sure Jaremchuck's gonna LOVE your "local efforts aren't the answer" response at the Latino debate.

Posted by: ProtacksALiar at August 1, 2008 09:49 AM