July 12, 2008

R.I.P. Tony Snow

The Corner has numerous tributes, including a line from a Snow article (titled "Message to GOPers: When you sell out, you get booted out") showing how critical he could be of fellow conservatives:

The party that best praises limited government and traditional virtues will win and if Republicans won't do the touting, Democrats will.

Amazingly, thus far, the moonbat Daily Kos comments have been respectful. Not so, as you'd expect, from these a-holes.

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I just wanted to post here what I posted on a liberal blog earlier: He spent more years as a journalist than he did in government, and in a very competitive, very catty industry, I've never heard a bad word about him (the Detroit News is a Gannett paper, and gossip spreads pretty quickly in that chain). I think that was a tribute to his incredibly sunny disposition, which he maintained even in the face of a particularly aggressive form of colon cancer. In short, he was a good guy, and any liberals who can't tell the difference between a person's job, his politics and his actual substance as a human does not deserve to call himself a liberal.

Posted by: Al Mascitti at July 12, 2008 11:57 AM