July 10, 2008

It was bound to happen!

Just as I put up a post today agreeing with some African-Americans about an offensive Mexican comicbook character, I come across the story of these mental midgets: They think the terms "black hole" and "devil's food cake" are racist.

"Black hole?" The term was dubbed in the 1960s to describe the phenomenon of a massive star that has exploded and collapsed upon itself. The resulting gravity well is infinitesimally small, yet unbelievably massive -- so massive that light cannot escape it. Hence, the term "black" (no light) and "hole" (nothing gets out).

One commissioner (John Wiley Price) wondered what a "white hole" is; here's his answer.

Price will probably lead the charge to have networks never again show this Disney movie. And in the video clip in the second link above, this cretin actually compares "black hole," etc. with the phrase "Jewing someone down."

Hopefully the power will never go out in Dallas County. Price will have a paroxysm of rage when everyone refers to the "blackout."

(h/t: Malkin.)

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I object to the term "white lightening".

Posted by: Shirley at July 11, 2008 10:02 AM