July 08, 2008

One way to gauge how the MSM is out of touch ...

... is to read the comments and/or polls associated with a supposed "heart-wrenching" story. Case in point: AOL News reports on a family that was kicked off their connecting flight in Phoenix because the kids were completely out of control.

"I am furious about it," Slaughter said after arriving home in Seattle. "I just couldn't believe they could do something like that, and then, leave us completely stranded with no money and no way to get anywhere."

Slaughter said this was the first flight for her children and admits the kids were loud and kept getting up and walking around the plane.

"The children were a little bit out of control on the flight. They were restless and excited and worked up, and they're kids." (Local story link.)

One of the kids is autistic, and the other has cerebral palsy.

Now, while I feel sorry for the children's afflictions and the fact that (apparently) the airline didn't assist them with alternate plans when they got booted (it did refund their money for the lost connecting flight), frankly I am weary of people who adopt a totally self-centered attitude and the media that plays it up.

First, if I had children with the mentioned afflictions, I would have contacted the airline ahead of time and seen what accommodations could have been made -- if I even considered taking them on a flight at all. Second, I would feel extremely sorry and apologetic for the hundred or so other passengers who paid hundreds of dollars for their tickets and who had their hours-long journey turned into a hellish experience.

But that's just me. For this family, it's merely an admission that the airline's complaint was valid, but that "hey, they're just kids."

Here's a screen capture of the AOL poll accompanying its story. The family ain't getting much sympathy:

A related example (in terms of media coverage/sympathy) I saw today was this USA Today article about the difficulties the children of illegal immigrants face regarding college. Check out the comments section after the story.

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