June 29, 2008

Delaware governor likes the power to yank your property

Unbelievable this: Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner has vetoed the state's eminent domain bill -- despite there being only one vote against it in the State House and Senate.

Gov. Ruth Ann Minner announced today she is vetoing legislation that would have redefined “public use” in the eminent domain law and made it harder for government agencies to take private land.

The Legislature passed Senate Bill 245 on June 12, after months of negotiations between parities involved in the issue.

The legislation would have only allowed government agencies to take private land if it was intended for "public use" and added that economic development did not meet the definition of "public." It also would have tightened the definition of blighted, adding it must be a threat to public health and safety.

Mike Matthews aptly notes that the vote is certainly veto-proof, so why bother "negotiating further" with the fossilized gov. to get it passed as the News Journal article states?

If you ever doubted that Democrats/liberals prefer government to the individual, just look at Governor Minner's view of eminent domain, and the liberal bloc on the US Supreme Court that gave us the infamous Kelo decision -- which allowed idiots like Minner to do what she did in this regard.

Matthews also notes that DE gubernatorial candidate Jack Markell blasted Minner's decision. And DE Watch's Dana Garrett notes that there'll be a huge protest tomorrow at Dover's Legislative Hall regarding this imbroglio.

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Minner's decision was terrible, plain and simple. Where is Carney's statement on this? Nowhere to be found...

Posted by: Ryan M. at June 29, 2008 03:31 PM

How do you think I feel? It's a town in our state responsible for this nightmare, and our state government gave lip service to solving the emminent domain problem. They'd rather focus on campain finance reform and ethics reform because they're not done destroying the previous governor (who only brought it on himself, really. Never give your enemies that big an opening.) Then again, Connecticut's do-nothing Congress is run by Democrats working with a RENO Governor, so what do you expect?

Posted by: ShadowWing Tronix at July 1, 2008 05:51 PM