June 19, 2008

Regulating speech ain't enough in Canada

Now, it's in the habit of determining whether punishments parents give their children are appropriate:

The girl, 12, took her father to Quebec Superior Court after he refused to allow her to go on a school trip for chatting on Web sites and then posting "inappropriate" pictures of herself online using a friend's computer, AFP reported.

The punishment was for the girl's "own protection," according to the father's attorney, Kim Beaudoin, who is appealing the ruling.

"She's a child," Beaudoin told AFP. "At her age, children test their limits and it's up to their parent to set boundaries. I started an appeal of the decision today to reestablish parental authority, and to ensure that this case doesn't set a precedent."

Otherwise, she continued, "Parents are going to be walking on egg shells from now on."

According to court documents, the girl's Internet usage was the latest in a rash of disciplinary problems. But Justice Suzanne Tessier, who was presiding over the case, found the punishment too severe.

I suppose I'd have found myself in court this past week if I lived up north. I took away my daughter's cell phone for a few days after she defied house rules and used it after hours.

Say it with me about those Canucks: YEESH.

Posted by Hube at June 19, 2008 07:49 PM | TrackBack

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You beast, you beast, you wicked beast!!! How dare you subjugate the rights of your child! [/sarcasm]

Yeesh, indeed.

Posted by: Bronwen at June 19, 2008 08:47 PM

Hube, you abusive creep -- how can you abuse that little angel so!

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at June 20, 2008 06:31 AM

Random thoughts enter my head:

-So what would the judge consider proper punishment?

-Does this judge have any children?

-If she doesn't want to follow her parents rules couldn't they just kick her o..I mean, set her free to live her own life?

Posted by: ShadowWing Tronix at June 20, 2008 06:00 PM

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