June 17, 2008

Best superhero fashions

Which movie superheroes have the best costumes/uniforms/appearance? MSN gives the grades, and we grade the grades:

The Hulk. MSN says "A-" and we say "OK," mainly because the newest film had an excellent homage to his classic comicbook purple pants. Green is a great color (is gamma radiation really green?), but how many of you out there knew that the Hulk's original color was gray?

Superman. MSN says "C" and we say "HUH??" No way. Supes is the original hero and his costume is timeless. "A" grade all the way. The rationale for MSN's grade is lame: "What up with the burgundy boots and cape? Red states yield red capes; burgundy is for wine drinkers."

Spider-Man. MSN gives and "A" and we agree, natch. They give Spidey's black suit a "B," but who cares.

Daredevil. MSN says "A" but we say "B." It's close enough to the original costume to satisfy us, but it's less sleek and has that goofy "collar." Matt Murdock in his Gene Colan-drawn outfit looked like a daredevil acrobat. Ben Affleck seems to be trying to impress Tommy Hilfiger.

Iron Man. MSN says "A" and we say "A+." MSN nails it: "The Iron Man costume may, in fact, be the best movie adaptation we've seen."

Elektra. MSN gives a "B" and we concur -- not only with the grade, but with their rationale: "The only problem is that it's missing some of the nastiness Elektra's comic-book fans are used to. It's more 'lite' than 'spite.'"

Batman. MSN gives the George Clooney "nipple suit" a "B-" and the Christian Bale outfit an "A-." We agree, 'though we'd give Bale's suit a full "A." And we also agree that Bale is [by far] the only Batman who is closest Bruce Wayne's actual physique.

Blade. MSN says "C," and we say "WTF are you smoking?" Their complaint is that you don't even notice the vampire hunter's costume in the comics. Um, hello?? This is the friggin' MOVIES here, you dolts! It's all ABOUT image. And WTF is this: "Black trench coat, black gloves and black shoes? This taxes our patience. Honestly, Blade's lucky that he doesn't get hit by a car"?? We give Blade's duds an "A-" because what the hell would you expect a vampire hunter to wear -- yellow spandex (to quote a certain adamantium-enhanced X-Man from the first "X-Men" flick)?

The Fantastic Four. MSN says "C," but we say "B." Yes, Jessica Alba should've been made to look hotter, but this is Marvel's "family" franchise. MSN also says the Thing looked great; we beg to differ. He looked OK, but when you look only a little better than the Thing from the never-released Corman 1994 FF flick, that says a lot.

Wolverine. MSN gives a "D" because they complain that Wolvie should be in yellow spandex (see Blade commentary above). That may have worked in the comics, but it'd look pretty silly on the silver screen. Besides, that comment ignores "Ultimate" Wolverine's look. We give the Canuck X-Man a "B" for his black on-screen duds.

Catwoman. MSN gives a disparaging "F;" we say anything that allows the devastatingly gorgeous Halle Berry to show off her spectacular bod deserves no less than a B-." But that friggin' headwear has GOT to go.

Silver Surfer. We're surprised he was even included, but we'll agree with MSN's grade of "A." His effects were first-rate.

Ghost Rider. MSN says "C;" we say "no friggin' way." GR was remarkably true to the comic's look, so if this is the factor by which we should judge, MSN (see Wolverine above), then what's the friggin' deal? He deserves at least a "B," and the effects (and movie story) were better than expected.

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Yeah, why did the comic matter for Blade (I seriously want that outfit) and Wolverine (who I prefer in, as Spidey once put it in the Drake's snack cakes mini-comics, earth tones) get low marks because of the comic and Ghost Rider gets low marks for matching the comic. And goth? Look, I care about Ghost Rider the same way I do about dryer lint (in other words, he's a non-issue), but goth? Um...no.

And fully agree on the movie Iron Man armor. Rocked hard. And I still want Blade's outfit. Does it come in my size? I'll settle for the jacket, red interior and all.

Posted by: ShadowWing Tronix at June 17, 2008 04:02 PM

What, nothing about Alicia Silverstone squeezing into her leather Batgirl costume? And what about Dolph Lundgren as the Punisher, with conspicuously missing skull?

Posted by: G Rex at June 18, 2008 10:51 AM

Hattip for you- check out the letter to the editor in Philly Inquirer today re kidney shortages (guy was hilarious and spot on).

Posted by: AJ Lynch at June 18, 2008 01:46 PM

Canuck? Isn't Hugh Jackman an Aussie?

Posted by: rightwingprof at June 18, 2008 02:37 PM

RWP: Yes he is, but Wolverine the character is Canadian.

Posted by: Hube at June 18, 2008 03:48 PM