May 30, 2008

Um, so's the writer's

"NFL Rumors: Chad Johnson's intelligence questioned" is the headline at MSNBC's "Scuttlebutt" page:

Chad Johnson has mental agility of soap dish. Despite the fact that Chad Johnson has a bilingual nickname, one lawyer doesn’t think Ocho Cinco is very intelligent. A lawyer representing clients who are suing Johnson over raffle prizes they never received says that 86 has the “mental agility of a small soap dish," and that he doesn’t understand how Johnson could possibly learn a playbook.

My emphasis. Apparently, writer Patrick Dahl's intelligence ain't all that hot, either. "Ocho Cinco" means "85," not "86," but even if you didn't know the Spanish you'd expect a writer that covers football to know Johnson's number, wouldn't 'ya?

Here's a screen capture in case Dahl realizes his idiocy (or, to be nicer, his sloppiness since it just might be a typo):

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