May 24, 2008

They are?

Jeffrey Toobin: "Democrats are furious about Bush v. Gore. It remains the wounds that won't heal."

They are?? Or, is it only those who favor Hillary Clinton in this year's Democratic primary since they're clearly the most consistent? After all, Hillary initially agreed with the rules established by the DNC regarding Florida and Michigan. But now she's changed her mind and wants all those votes counted. This is akin to Florida 2000 where the rules (laws) were clearly established, but the Democrat-dominated FL Supreme Court ignored these laws and made it up as they went along. (That seven-day deadline for a recount and lack of common vote-determining standard? "Ah, so what, right?" they said.)

On the other hand, there's the Obama camp. Are they bitter about Bush v. Gore? If so, why? Isn't it they who wish to "disenfranchise" over two million Democratic voters in Florida and Michigan ... because doing so favors their candidate?

If anything, Mr. Toobin, this year's farce of a Democratic primary has shown that the Democrats are clearly OVER Bush v. Gore. "Counting every vote" doesn't mean anything to them anymore. In actuality, it never did. Else, why did the DNC penalize two populous states the way they did in the first place, eh?

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