May 23, 2008

"Captain America" movie?

My pal Vic Holtreman reports over at Screen Rant that it looks like a "Cap" movie is a go:

Among the news bits are the fact that the Captain America movie will remain titled "The First Avenger: Captain America" instead of the preferred (by most) "Captain America: The First Avenger." They're scheduling the Cap movie to be released only a month and a half before the "Avengers" movie, so the emphasis on the group in the title of his stand alone movie seems to be quite calculated.

As to when the film will take place: World War II timeframe, so it will be a full-on origin story taking place entirely in the past.

I've seen on some message boards some consternation over the title, in particular the "First Avenger" bit. Comics enthusiasts know that Cap didn't appear in modern Marvel continuity until Avengers #4 -- in other words, he wasn't the "First Avenger." He wasn't even a member of the original team! But I think the point is that Cap existed well before the Avengers even came into existence -- he's a product of World War II, hence the film's setting. Towards the war's end, Cap and partner "Bucky" Barnes attempted to stop a Nazi missile launch. Barnes was killed (although he supposedly is back in action today -- again, nobody stays dead in comics) and Cap was thrown into the icy ocean waters. He became encased in ice and suspended animation. Some twenty years later, Earth's Mightiest Heroes (the Avengers, natch) discovered him.

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