May 12, 2008

Barack Obama: "The buck stops ... with my staffers"

Jake Tapper has the scoop on the ridiculous affinity of Barack Obama to blame his staff -- or "oversight" -- for practically everything:

We started covering Sen. Barack Obama's inability to hire good staffers in June 2007, when he blamed staffers for some opposition research trying to link Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, to outsourcing in India; for injecting some venom in the David Geffen/Hillary Clinton fight; and for missing an event with firefighters in New Hampshire.

In December, we noted again that Obama was blaming the answers on a 1996 questionnaire on a staffer; and was blaming his touring with "cured" ex-gay gospel singer Donnie McClurkin (which antagonized gays and lesbians) on bad vetting by his staff.

And what's to add to the list?

Obama's refusal to denounce Yassir Arafat and expressing support for Israel's security fence: In an e-mail message, Mr. Obama blamed a staff member for the oversight.

During MSDNC's Las Vegas debate in January, "Obama was asked about a document put together by one of his South Carolina staffers that listed comments made by the Clinton campaign that some perceived to be attempting to stoke racial fires." The answer: "Our supporters, our staff get overzealous ...they start saying things that I would not say..."

When Obama was asked about an earmark that went to the University of Chicago while his wife was still employed there: "I don’t think that I was obligated to recuse myself from anything related to the university," Obama said, adding, "when it comes to earmarks because of those concerns, it’s probably something that should have been passed on to [U.S. Sen.] Dick Durbin, and I think probably something that slipped through the cracks."

In March, when Obama was asked about a contradiction in his account of acting on behalf of embattled businessman Tony Rezko: The letter, Obama said, "was essentially a form letter of the sort that I did all time. And that I wasn’t, by the way, aware of. I wasn't even aware that we wrote the letter. The answer that I gave at the time was accurate as far as I knew...This was one of many form letters..."

Obama 2008: "The Buck Stops ... Somewhere."

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Hube, you obviously still don’t understand that Obama is infallible. All of these oversights must have been the doings of others; for he is incapable of error. To question him on such things is to question God himself…which you would never do. So to raise such issues, once again, proves that conservatives are racists!

Posted by: Messiah Supporter at May 12, 2008 06:59 PM

And remember, that Che Guevara flag wasn't hanging up in Obama's own office, just in one of his campaign offices.

Posted by: G Rex at May 13, 2008 11:37 AM