May 10, 2008

And people think George W. Bush is a moron

How 'bout Jimmy Carter on the Palestinians:

I donít consider... I wasnít equating the Palestinian missiles with terrorism. But when the Palestinians commit terrorist acts, and I mean when a person blows himself up within a bus full of civilians, or when the target of the operation is women and children Ė such acts create a rejection of the Palestinians among those who care about them. It turns the world away from sympathy and support for the Palestinian people. Thatís why I said that acts of terrorism like I just described are suicidal for the popularity and support for the Palestinian cause.

How do you like that? Missiles launched from Palestinian lands against Israel are "not terrorism" according to Carter. But ... someone blowing themselves up on a crowded bus is?? But ... what if those "not-equal-to-terrorism" Palestinian missiles just happen to, y'know, land in the middle of an Israeli apartment complex?

But Carter is right on the other point: If the Palestinians will cease their terrorism, they'll get a lot more popular support. But what Carter leaves out: It also means that Israel will then begin negotiating in earnest about Palestinian independence and return of certain lands.

Carter continues:

I think the reason is that the U.S. wants to topple Hamas and [believes] that if it punishes the Palestinian people severely, the Palestinians will have to change their minds. I donít know how true this is, but itís not legal, proper, or morally right to deprive an entire people of the basic necessities of life, because they participated in a democratic process and voted freely.

(Video of Carter here, by the way.)

So, because people participated in a democratic process and voted freely -- for a violent terror group dedicated to an entire people's destruction -- it has to be "honored?" Since when? Give me a royal break.

If you want reasoned dissections of all the Palestinian apologists' (like Carter) arguments and complaints, be sure to check out Meryl Yourish, Soccer Dad and Daled Amos.

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Should we remind Neville Carter that Hitler also came to power through the democratic process?

Didn't he enter the Naval Academy in order to train go fight that democratically elected German leader?

Why wasn't he in the streets protesting against FDR and Churchill?

Oh, yeah, that's right -- he would have been locked up for treason.

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at May 10, 2008 11:29 AM

THE JEWS OF IRAQ By Naeim Giladi occup...u_iraqjews.html
And I began to find out about the barbaric methods used to rid the fledgling state of as many Palestinians as possible. The world recoils today at the thought of bacteriological warfare, but Israel was probably the first to actually use it in the Middle East.
Uri Mileshtin, an official historian for the Israeli Defense Force, has written and spoken about the use of bacteriological agents. According to Mileshtin, Moshe Dayan, a division commander at the time, gave orders in 1948 to remove Arabs from their villages, bulldoze their homes, and render water wells unusable with typhus and dysentery bacteria.
Acre was so situated that it could practically defend itself with one big gun, so the Haganah put bacteria into the spring that fed the town. The spring was called Capri and it ran from the north near a kibbutz. The Haganah put typhus bacteria into the water going to Acre, the people got sick, and the Jewish forces occupied Acre. This worked so well that they sent a Haganah division dressed as Arabs into Gaza, where there were Egyptian forces, and the Egyptians caught them putting two cans of bacteria, typhus and dysentery, into the water supply in wanton disregard of the civilian population. "In war, there is no sentiment," one of the captured Haganah men was quoted as saying.

Posted by: Ken Hoop at May 10, 2008 02:39 PM

Ken: You're a racist, anti-Semitic bigot. You're no more welcome here than you are at Rhymes With Right. Do not comment here any further, scumbag.

Posted by: Hube at May 10, 2008 06:22 PM

Better ban him, Hube -- he won't go stop commenting any other way.

He is a true anti-Semitic scumbag -- right down to the tattoo of Hitler on his pale, sunken chest.

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at May 11, 2008 08:45 PM

Carter is so typical of the left-canted politicians who espouse freedom but refuse to have a hard-edged definition. I think we are all sick of tax monies from free people being sent to support people that launch missiles against women and children. They, the left, believe that the people in those states are innocent because, for example, Fatah has them under it's thumb. All people have the government they deserve even if it is not democratic. We should treat them as such and make them wear it. NO U.S. TAX MONIES to the supporters or subjects of tyranny. We should be the arsenal, bread basket, and friend of the FREE world. Period.

Posted by: SenatorMark4 at May 17, 2008 01:19 PM

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