May 02, 2008

Today's Hube Iron Man trivia tidbit

First, yes -- I did see "Iron Man" today. My review will be posted tomorrow morning. For now I'll just say three words: It. Kicked. Ass.


For the next two weeks or so, in honor of my favorite hero's debut on the silver screen, I'll be featuring a daily "trivia tidbit" about 'ol "Shellhead." Today: The color of the armor you see in the "Iron Man" movie is red and gold for a reason: IM's armor has always been that color. Well, almost. Virtually always.

Iron Man's first "suit" was what us Iron Fans call "clunker gray." But that wasn't Tony Stark's fault. He had to use whatever was available to him to get the hell out of that prison camp. We only saw this "genesis armor" for one issue: Tales of Suspense #39, Iron Man's first-ever appearance.

In the very next issue, #40, Stark painted this gray armor gold. Even though this color scheme only lasted a mere eight issues, it was enough to give the hero a nickname that stays with him to this day: "The Golden Avenger."

Tales of Suspense #48 witnessed the armor hue that would define the character -- red and gold. And so it would be for about 20 years! Though Iron Man's armor changed a bit (in design and technology), the color scheme remained. Then, in 1985, Tony Stark made a big change -- he created a red and silver suit of armor. The reasons for this are several, the biggest being that this armor debut marked the return of Tony Stark after a long bout with alcoholism. He was reluctant to get back into armor at all, but when it became absolutely necessary, he wanted something radically different, so as to remind him as little as possible of the "old" days of Iron Man. Ironically, the red and silver armor was first used against Stark rival Obadiah Stane (in his own armor), who is the main villain in the "Iron Man" film.

This "Silver Centurion" armor lasted for thirty issues, until complaints about its bulkiness -- and non-traditional color scheme! -- led the title creators to give Stark an "excuse" for designing a new -- and red and gold -- set of armor: They destroyed it!

Iron Man has remained red and gold ever since -- another 20 years, that is!

Of course, this whole post is about Iron Man's main suit of armor. Tony Stark has a whole bevy of specialty suits for specific purposes! We'll take a gander at some of these tomorrow!

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