April 29, 2008

I wonder what the moonbats would say if the Executive Branch wrote a letter ...

... demanding an audience with MSNBC's bigwigs to "voice" their concerns!

Yeah, imagine. Well, some members of the Legislative Branch -- namely, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus -- are miffed that CNN has apparently ignored their pleas for an audience. Their beef?

According to [Senator Robert] Menendez, many of CNN’s news programs have adopted “the language Lou Dobbs uses,” referring to the host of “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” who uses the platform to complain about illegal immigration.

“The news program has become the equivalent of opinion and not information,” Menendez said, asserting that news anchors opt for language describing “hordes” of immigrants crossing borders, and use phrases such as “illegal” rather than “undocumented” when describing such immigrants.

In other words, Menendez and the CHC are pissed that Dobbs isn't politically correct. Fortunately, your average joe doesn't much care what PC members of the CHC think about "proper" terminology, nor that Dobbs gives his opinions on his show.

Posted by Hube at April 29, 2008 06:18 PM | TrackBack

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Hube -- it would only be a problem if the GOP controlled the Executive Branch. Such a demand from Barack Obama (or even Hillary Clinton) would be seen as the height of civic responsibility as they seek to reign in the Right Wing Noise Machine. indeed, they would insist that the FCC cancel the broadcast licenses of any station that was affiliated with the offending network, and would probably seek to have the government seize the broadcast facilities in order to put an end to the efforts to undermine democracy.

Remember, these are moonbats -- they don't have any principles.

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at April 29, 2008 07:13 PM

So whether or not someone who enters this country without permission is committing an illegal act is an opinion??? And Senator Menendez calls himself a lawmaker. He might have a case about the term "hordes" (as opposed to, say, "throngs") as evoking an invasion by Mongols on horseback, but it's clear he wants us receptive to the idea of unrestrained flow of Mexican workers (and their money) in and out of this country. Oh wait, is it okay to say flow?

Posted by: G Rex at April 30, 2008 09:52 AM