April 28, 2008

Early "Iron Man" reviews say ... YES!!

Newsarama has an early review of this Friday's "Iron Man" flick. It doesn't reveal much, but gives the film a resounding thumbs up! Now I'm really really looking forward to it!

In addition, Newsarama has news that a new Iron Manual will be forthcoming next month, to compliment the classic 1993 version (at left). Anything and everything you wanted to know about Iron Man's many suits of armor (and trust me -- there are many) is there, courtesy of tech-guru Eliot R. Brown. It's a good thing, however, that Brown is involved in the technology and not the overall back-story of Iron Man. The first part of his interview features a few grievous errors on his part regarding IM's history:

For the latest Iron Manual, I was asked to do something for the very first suit. The one featured in Tales of Suspense #38—old steel-gray “Toaster Head!” This was a suit design that had all of the power and flexibility of all subsequent suits—but the technological base was not there yet and certainly not in the jungles of Viet-Nam where the laboratory-workshop of Ho Linshen was.

Ouch. Any true blue Iron Man fan knows that the hero's first-ever appearance was Tales of Suspense #39, not #38. In addition, Tony Stark's assistant in building his first suit of armor was named Ho Yinsen, not Linshen. I can give Brown a break with the issue number faux pas (maybe it was a typo), but he misnames Yinsen "Linshen" again later in the interview. Doh!

In Tales of Suspense #39, Professor Yinsen assists Tony Stark in creating a device to keep his injured heart beating, in addition to building an incredible, yet rudimentary, suit of armor.

Yinsen was "Asia's greatest non-communist scientist" (country unknown, presumably China) and was a captive of the same tyrant as Stark. Debuting in 1963, Iron Man was a product of the Vietnam War. The movie, on the other hand, trades Vietnam for Afghanistan, and Yinsen is played by not-so Asian-looking Shaun Toub. (Although, of course, Afghanistan is in Asia.)

Part two of Brown's interview is here.

May 2nd can't get here fast enough, natch.

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Next to the new Batman film, this is the movie I must see

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