April 19, 2008

Local Blogger discovers media problems ... (The Smallest Violin)

... but of course, it's only because George Stephanopoulos and Charles Gibson had the GALL to ask Barack Obama tough questions on a national stage.

Hey kavips -- where was this call when, of all people, Keith Olbermann hosted a debate among the GOP candidates? (Who, along with former Democrat staffer Chris Matthews, asked some of the most ridiculous questions ever witnessed on a political stage?) Where was this call when all the Democrat candidates boycotted Fox News? (The GOP sure had little hassle appearing on MSNBC or any other network.)

kavips masks his call for a boycott of ABC in that he is tired of "all" the media treating people as if they're stupid. (And, at least his reaction wasn't as totally pathetic as that of these cretins.) How convenient the timing, though. Just look at the lefty blogosphere's reaction to the recent Dem debate to the frenzied nuttery over Fox News. Notice any similarities? It's easy -- Fox was (is) a threat to the long-enjoyed liberal media monopoly, and Stephanopoulis's and Gibson's questions to Barack Obama were a stunning reversal from the usual softballs such major media figures throw Dems' way.

My advice: Grow some stones. Stop your crying. It's only going to get rougher. You should actually thank Charles and George for asking those questions now rather than later so Obama won't get tripped up closer to the actual election. As Hillary Clinton recently stated, if Obama can't handle the piddly questions given to him the other day by "friendly" media, how's he gonna handle the pressure of the White House?

I suppose we should be understanding. IT'S SCARY for them, folks. When you've had things go your way for SO LONG, such a turn of events can be frightening.

But for some reason, I don't feel the slightest bit sorry for you ...

UPDATE: Jonah Goldberg nails it:

The essence of the complaint against Gibson and Stephanopoulos is that they asked wedge issue questions partially intended to trip up Obama and put him on the wrong side of various culture issues in ways that conform to Republican tactics or politics. Or something like that.

Okay, complain away, I did. But I think a lot of folks fail to understand that the first 45 minutes of the debate were aimed at superdelegates, not PA voters.

But where were these people during all of those Republican debates when Chris Matthews, Anderson Cooper, various Youtubers and the like were constantly trying to trip Republicans in very similar ways?

The key distinction is that when Gibson & Stephanopoulos asked their questions they could rationalize their actions by saying "this is what Republicans will ask." But when the press asks these sorts of questions of Republican candidates we're told it's simply "good journalism."

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Sorry I found this post so late, but in answer to your question............"Where's the Gall over Oberman and Matthews, my answer would be this:

They were "republican" debates.... no one watched, no one cared.


Posted by: kavips at April 23, 2008 02:40 AM

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