April 11, 2008

Watcher's Council results

And now...  the winning entries in the Watcher's Council vote for this week are "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie"... Accommodating Islam by Joshuapundit, and Creating a European Indigenous People's Movement by The Brussels Journal.  Here are the full tallies of all votes cast:

VotesCouncil link
2  1/3"If You Give A Mouse A Cookie"... Accommodating Islam
2The Wizard of Ooze
Bookworm Room
1  1/3Assumptions & Conclusions About Sadr, Maliki and the Basra Offensive
Wolf Howling
1The Judgment Thing
The Glittering Eye
2/3Starts Well, Ends Badly
Hillbilly White Trash
2/3In Honor of the Final Season of "Battlestar Galactica" ...
The Colossus of Rhodey
2/3Air Hypocrisy Radio Suspends Randi Rhodes
Rhymes With Right
2/3Black, White, Grey
Soccer Dad
1/3Progress In Iraq a Tough Sell for Petreaus
Right Wing Nut House

VotesNon-council link
3  2/3Creating a European Indigenous People's Movement
The Brussels Journal
1  2/3Your federal Government At Work... For Palestinians
Boker tov, Boulder!
1Put On Your Helmets, We're Talking About Abortion.
Rachel Lucas
1Is Wright Wrong? Part 2
Better Living: Thoughts from Mark Daniels
2/3Rev. Wright Former Muslim, Apparently Quit that Religion as Not Being Hardcore Enough
Ace of Spades HQ
2/3A Look At Operation Knights' Assault
The Long War Journal
2/3Complaint Against Fero A Wake Up Call For Blogger Rights And Protections
Capitol Annex
1/3Peace Piece by Piece Now's 30th anniversary
Israel Matzav
1/3Iraq: Persian Proxie
Seraphic Secret
1/3Failing Faiths
Eternity Road
1/3Another Day, Another Obama Lie
Red State

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