March 28, 2008

What was that about the "Black Value System" again?

Barack Obama spiritual mentor Jeremiah Wright's church has a race-conscious "Black Value System." This philosophy espouses:

  • blacks should patronize black-only businesses;
  • one should support black leaders;
  • one should avoid becoming "entrapped" by the pursuit of a "black middle-classness."

Y'know that little saying "Practice what you preach"? You would think that Wright would take that [especially] literally; however, that pull of "middle-classness" must be too strong:

FOX News has uncovered documents that indicate Wright is about to move to a 10,340-square-foot, four-bedroom home in suburban Chicago, currently under construction in a gated community.

While it is not uncommon for an accomplished clergyman to live in luxury, Wright’s retirement residence is raising some questions.

“Some people think deals like this are hypocritical. Jeremiah Wright himself criticizes people from the pulpit for middle classism, for too much materialism,” said Andrew Walsh, Associate Director of the Leonard E. Greenberg Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life with Trinity College in Hartford, Conn.

“So he’s entitled to be tweaked here. So the question really is, how unusual is this? Somewhat unusual,” he said.

In a word: Heh.

Posted by Felix at March 28, 2008 01:49 PM | TrackBack

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Hube do you think we will be reading about this soon in the Inquirer or the WNJ?

Posted by: AJ Lynch at March 28, 2008 02:07 PM

Well, Hube, you have to realize it is the "black value system" at work. Look at traditional African societies. Th tribal chief and his family and close cronies live in relative luxury, while the rest live in relative squalor. You see that repeated in contemporary African governments.

When it comes right down to it, Jeremiah Wright and Robert Mugabe really are not that far apart in the vlues they practice.

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at March 28, 2008 08:48 PM

Isn't it a wonderful new day to see that communism is alive and well in Obama's church?

Yes THEY can......

Posted by: Barker at March 30, 2008 01:01 AM

Felix wrote this. FYI, gents. :-)

Posted by: Hube at March 30, 2008 08:40 AM

What a wonderful age we live in that alternative media sources can hunt this stuff down and get it out there. Since the MSM isn't willing to dig up anything on Obama, it's good to see that there are thousands of willing and capable citizens ready to expose the radical side of The Great Uniter.

Posted by: Mark Engblom at March 31, 2008 12:11 PM