March 20, 2008

Proof I'm a News Junkie

I scored a perfect 12 out of 12 on this "Pew News IQ Score" quiz. According to them, that places me in the top 3% of the American public.

Take it and see how you do!

Posted by Hube at March 20, 2008 07:04 PM | TrackBack

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12 of 12. I wouldn't consider those 'news junkie' questions but questions all american's with an ounce of intelligence should know....there in lies the problem.

Posted by: cardinals fan at March 20, 2008 07:46 PM

Dear God -- a reasonably well-informed chimpanzee should be able to score 10 out of 12.

Heck, your average Democrat voter should get 9 out of 12 -- and your average Democrat officeholder could get 8 right.

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at March 20, 2008 09:53 PM

I can barely keep my eyes open right now and I got all 12 right. There's really no excuse for not getting at least 10. (I can forgive a few screw-ups, like I always have to think about Chavez and whether he's Columbia or Venezuela. I just have a mental block around those two countries for some reason.)

Posted by: Paul Smith at March 20, 2008 10:10 PM

Only 10 right for me, as I missed the questions on the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the U.S. Federal Reserve Board. I can't help it - any discussion of money and my mind wanders off.

Posted by: Nels Nelson at March 21, 2008 01:53 AM

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