February 26, 2008

This is too "funny"

In the era when "big" news agencies cannot even bring themselves to ID virtually any politician in trouble with the law as a Democrat, these same outlets are now delving into the party registration of common criminals -- when they're Republicans.

The latest example of the former involves former mayor of Newark, NJ Sharpe James. Nowhere in the Associated Press article today will you read that James is a Democrat. James has dates in federal court for two corruption trials.

However, we only have to glance locally for an example of the latter -- our own CBS Channel 3, ABC Channel 6, KYW News Radio 1060 (all in Philly), and Allentown's Channel 69, felt it necessary to note that one Jose Antonio Ortiz was a "registered Republican" in a story about two individuals that got into a violent scuffle after a political argument. Y'see, even though Ortiz is actually a Hillary Clinton supporter, perhaps pointing out that he's actually a GOPer might just reinforce the notion that, since he attacked someone with a knife, he, like all Republicans, are nuts.

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Ah, but you're forgetting that the WNJ identified Vince Lofink as a Democrat in connection with his son's fraud case. Okay, so Lofink's actually a Republican, but it still voids your argument.

Posted by: G Rex at February 27, 2008 11:51 AM