February 24, 2008

Another *yawn* for today: Another lefty comics writer tries to be "relevant"

Avi Green does a phenomenal job shredding the garbage that is "Black Summer." Warren Ellis sure wasn't short on the radical commentary when he did his brief Iron Man stint; this sounds like he wanted to rip off his own Authority work (which was, despite the later hardcore lefty diatribes, pretty cool stuff -- mainly 'cause the of the heavy science fiction and Bryan Hitch's awesome art).

Speaking of The Authority, in their "Coup d'Etat" graphic novel, the superhero team took over the reins of the US government for meddling in inter-dimensional travel; in "Black Summer," the "heroes" don't bother with just assuming power -- they execute the president. Why?

Because the Commander-in-Chief had committed severe criminal actions including election fraud (um, election 2000 anyone?) and starting an unnecessary, illegal war (Maybeee ... Iraq?) for the benefit of his oil conglomerate cronies. Superheroes enforce the law, Horus reasons, so he had to do this. How could any self-respecting hero stand aside and let his entire country be run by criminals?

As one commenter to Avi's Four Color Media Monitor wrote, why is it that lefties are seemingly so keen on killing those that disagree with them politically? After all, aren't lefties against capital punishment? But it does make a certain degree of sense; leftists excuse lefty dictatorships all the time (see: Cuba), since what those leaders do is all in the name of the "common good." Thus, what the "hero" did in "Black Summer" fits this mold perfectly.


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I have never been a huge Bush supporter myself (am actually considerably farther to the right than he :)), but this is the kind of boring lefty junk that made me quit reading new Marvel books altogether.

I don't wanna hear Ennis' obsessive ramblings on the evils of religion or Millar's opinions on the Patriot Act...I just want some good, well-written, intelligent COMIC BOOK stories, not editorials from the Democratic Underground or Huffington Post delivered by (of all people!) the Punisher or Cap.

I've been forced to fall back on the old classics, Marvel Essentials and the like. I miss those days...

Posted by: Degu at February 29, 2008 03:53 PM

I've been forced to fall back on the old classics, Marvel Essentials and the like.

You and me both, Degu. You and me both! :-)

Posted by: Hube at February 29, 2008 06:14 PM