February 22, 2008

Will Michelle Obama attend?

Word comes from a Colossus reader about an interesting lecture at the University of Delaware next week (an e-mail that was sent to the entire UD student body):

From: James M. Jones [mailto:jmjones@psych.udel.edu]


The Black American Studies(BAMS) Participatory Action Research (PAR) team, a research collective committed to evaluating the lived experiences of Blacks at the University of Delaware, has invited Rap artist, Lavell Crump, alias "David Banner", (hey -- that was The Hulk's real ID back in the 1970s TV series! -- Hube) to give a formal lecture entitled, "Cope, Conform or Resist? How Black College Students Should Think About Double Consciousness in the 21st Century," on Tuesday February 26th, 2008. The BAMS PAR team hopes that you can support this special and free event by having your students attend this event at 7pm in the auditorium of Clayton Hall.

Refreshments will be provided.

Mr. Crump's lecture has been scheduled this semester as one of several action events organized by the BAMS PAR team in response to data analyzed in an ongoing study. Results suggest Black students feel torn between holding on to an "authentic Black identity" and conforming to a more mainstream White value system in order to thrive in the college environment.

The BAMS PAR team determined that Mr. Crump would be an ideal lecturer to discuss the challenges as well as strategies on how to "keep it real" and be successful in a "professional" or what some have identified as a "White world". In addition to being a successful Hip-Hop artist, Mr. Krump is also the graduate of Southern University. Recently Mr. Crump presented on the impact of Hip-Hop music at a Congressional Sub-Committee hearing alongside intellectual heavyweights Michael Eric Dyson and Tracey Sharpley-Whiting. Mr. Crump in his music and other formal presentations has addressed not only issues related to
Hip-Hop but also Hurricane Katrina, both in Louisiana and his native Mississippi; economic poverty in the Black community; as well as the state of Black leadership.

James M. Jones, Director
Black American Studies
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716
302-831-2897 (ph)
302-831-6063 (fax)

Based on what potential First Lady Michelle Obama wrote in her Princeton thesis, this sounds like it is right up her alley. But again, as I mentioned previously, universities have no one to blame but themselves for this supposed "problem" with "racial identity." And then, after inculcating in students this need to find that ethnic and racial "niche" for themselves, then we have to have conferences and lectures about the subsequent racial "confusion." Then, people write columns about being annoyed because others view them via their ethnic/racial identity. After all, what exactly does it mean by "keeping it real"? What is an "authentic Black identity"?

It's the ultimate "progressive" Catch-22; the pinnacle of the No-Win Scenario.

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