February 15, 2008

A word from the Angry Left

Via the Newsbusters tip line (which goes out to many contributors, not just me):

I just happened on your website. I guess shallow conservative egotists need someplace to post their hatred. Hey, I have an idea! Why not just promote the random assasination [sic] of liberals by you "real patriots?" I'm sure that you don't lack the guns. Nor the requisite hatred. So why not just exhort Billy-Bob and Cletus and all the rest of your faithful readers to get in their pickups and start potshotting [sic] liberals and atheists around the country, and finally take the country back for Jesus, by force!

It's what you really wish that you could do, isn't it? You all have wet dreams over killing us liberals off, dontcha [sic]? It's obvious in your writings. Your posts reek of hatred and seperatism [sic], shallowness and anger. Nice stuff.

You people are what's killing this country off as a nation anyhow, so why not do it literally? Go for it. It's what you really want. It's who you really are. Hatemongers for Christ.

Jesus, if he knew, would indeed weep.

Posted by Hube at February 15, 2008 01:03 PM | TrackBack

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I'm generally not interested in killing off liberals -- but I'll be honest, the missive you posted is almost enough to make me consider an exception in the case of its author.

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at February 15, 2008 04:45 PM