February 13, 2008

Why you should roll your eyes and laugh at Democrats who "want every vote counted"

John Rosenberg says it best today.

Remember how "every vote" had to count in Florida 2000? Also, recall how (for Democrats) rules (i.e. laws) are merely arbitrary to making sure "every vote" counts? (See again Florida, and also New Jersey when then embattled Bob Torricelli was replaced with Frank Lautenberg.)


This is the same Democrat Party that has seen to it themselves that the voters of -- check it! -- Florida but also Michigan don't get any say in choosing their party's candidate for president. Why? Because they broke the party's rules (by moving up their primary dates). 'Ya just gotta love the internal bickering too: The Clinton camp is hinting those votes should count (which would actually be well within the Democrat Party mantra -- rules actually don't mean what they mean if the Party doesn't want them to) whereas the Obama campaign has said the rules were made and everyone should accept them... but that leaves Obama in the untenable position of "favoring" disenfranchising millions of voters! Oh no! What's a Democrat to do??

Poor babies. I really feel for you. No, not really.

Of course, this doesn't even address that highly undemocratic item called the "superdelegate."

So, again, when you hear a good Democrat bitching about "disenfranchisement," give 'im a good chortling smirk and laugh right in their face. But Rosenberg brings up a better point: "Do we really want to trust a party that shreds its own sanctions and backs down when defied by Florida and Michigan to protect us from a nuclear resurgent Iran?"

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As an independent -- i don't think the Dems are anymore trustworthy that the republicans. Like you -- I'm just going where my ideals are reflected. we run this country now...get used to it.

Posted by: william at February 17, 2008 03:04 PM

We will Just see what he Mr Howard Dean Yahaaaaaaaaaaa will do next to help the voice of the voter
Well if Howard Dean thinks he can let a few SUPPER whatevers In to his party for dinner and drinks and screw with the votes of Florida and Michigan by spliting there votes up. as some kind of draw he is saider then said. some one check his head.

Spliting a vote in half is the same as not counting it , where did MR. Dean go to school .
Some one tell this guy spliting a vote in to two that one half cancels out the other half
so it kills my vote thank you DNC

Posted by: anthony tampafl at April 8, 2008 05:03 AM