January 18, 2008

Bill & Ted meme

Picking up the meme started by Ryan and continued by Paul, which eight historical figures would I like to bring back to the present? I didn't wanna repeat any of Ryan's or Paul's, but I'm making one exception to that:

1. James Madison
2. Thomas Jefferson
3. Charlie Parker
4. John Coltrane
5. George Patton
6. Isaac Asimov
7. Albert Einstein
8. Ronald Reagan

Like Paul, I tried to mix up the "subject area," so to speak.

Posted by Hube at January 18, 2008 05:52 PM | TrackBack

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What, no women at your table? Hmmmmmmm.

Posted by: Bronwen at January 18, 2008 09:41 PM

Leaving out your choices (which is tough) so that we get new answers
1. Andrew Jackson
2. Jane Addams
3. Robert Heinlein
4. Harry Chapin
5. Samuel Adams
6. George Marshall
7. Robert E. Lee
8. James Grant (very obscure; an entrepreneurial slave who later rose (twice) to be the richest man in St. Louis MO)

Posted by: steve Newton at January 19, 2008 04:56 PM