January 15, 2008

Once again, somebody else has to do the News Journal's job

The question is: Why does the Wilmington News Journal even bother to print police reports at all if they're not going to print ALL -- and the MOST RELEVANT -- of the details?

Today's News Journal description of a suspect who approached a young boy:

A bearded man in a black SUV with the letter H written in red on the hood accosted an 8-year-old Wilmington boy Monday. Police said the boy was waiting for a bus at Eighth and Spruce streets about 8 a.m. when a driver stopped at the traffic light and told the boy to "come over and get in the truck." The boy ran home and told his mother. Police said the man was wearing a blue shirt.

WDEL.com's description of the very same incident:

An eight year old boy runs home from his school bus stop, after a man tried to get the boy into his truck. Police say it happened Monday morning at the corner of 8th and Spruce Streets in Wilmington. The boy told police a black man with a black beard driving a black S-U-V with a red letter "H" on the hood, stopped at the traffic light, and called to the boy to get in.

As always, the News Journal -- worshiping at the altar of Political Correctness.

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