December 21, 2007

P.C. News Journal at it again

Kudos to Nancy Willing for picking this one up. Here we have some scumbag who terrorized an eleven year old girl, but that's still not enough for the idiotic News Journal to notify the public about the race of the suspect:

The man was described as between 40-50 years old with a mustache. He was dressed in black clothing, Navarro said.

This is NOT the complete description given by the girl. The News Journal selectively omitted the race of the man, which happens to be black. Here is the full description:

The subject is described as a black male between the ages of 40-50, wearing all black clothing and a mustache.

Thanks, News Journal, for not doing your job as a disseminator of information. You're more concerned about politically correct multiculti theory than the public's well-being. What does it take for you to provide a full description? A child actually being abducted? Would you give your writers "special dispensation" then??

When leftists like Nance are getting fed up with this garbage, you know it's beyond ridiculous. Keep at it, Nance.

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