December 03, 2007

Dopey WNJ Letter of the Week

Bruce Dudley of Camden just doesn't get it. The issue isn't his mild BDS; it's his lack of basic historical knowledge:

In an almost farcical attempt to salvage something of his presidential legacy, our lame-duck president convened the Annapolis Middle East Conference to restart negotiations between Israel and Palestine.

With Israel's continued occupation of territory that rightfully belongs to Palestine, a long-overdue implementation of the 2002 U.S.-initiated "Roadmap Strategy" for an enduring peace between these two nations remains nothing more than an illusionary hope.

There is no independent "Palestine," Bruce. There are "Palestinians," and there could have been a independent Palestine state back in 1948. But something happened when the United Nations -- you know, that international entity that all good liberals feel we should consult and whose advice we should heed -- partitioned the land of the former League of Nation's mandate that was overseen by Britain: The Palestinians in that region as well as the Arabs from surrounding states attacked the newly created Israel, which was also created by the UN plan.

It's all quite easy to understand. There could have been a Palestine if the Arab states (and Palestinians) had agreed to the UN plan. They did not. But the important thing is that Israel is under no obligation to give back any land that it won in a defensive war. They are not occupying the land they won out of some "conquering" drive. The surrounding Arab states have demonstrated time and time and time again why Israel has refused to vacate the gained 1967 territories. It's called "terrorism." And the solution is simple: Commit to and demonstrate a willingness to leave in peace with the Israeli state.

Once again, it's funny that the brain-strainers over at Delaware Neanderthal haven't commented on this important topic.

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It's the Pal's land by right because they have lived there for centuries. Oh, and it doesn't matter that the Hebrew's lived there 2,500 years prior to the Pals and were displaced by force by the conquering Muslims. Nope, that doesn't count because they were always just sons and daughters of pigs and monkeys! Get it now?

Posted by: Doug Purdie at December 6, 2007 06:13 PM

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