November 29, 2007

It depends on what the meaning of "oppose" is

Poor Bill Clinton. It's inevitable that trying to constantly be on both sides of an issue will getcha in the end:

A former senior aide to then-national security adviser Condoleezza Rice disputed Bill Clinton's statement this week that he "opposed Iraq from the beginning," saying that the former president was privately briefed by top White House officials about war planning in 2003 and that he told them he supported the invasion.

Clinton's comments in Iowa on Tuesday went far beyond more nuanced remarks he made about the conflict in 2003. But the disclosure of his presence in briefings by Rice -- and his private expressions of support -- may add to the headaches that the former president has given his wife's campaign in recent weeks.

Y'think? But always remember, Bush lied, lied, LIED about Iraq having WMDs and yada yada yada. It just doesn't matter what Bill Clinton had said before ... or any of these other folks. IT JUST DOESN'T MATTER, OK??

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