November 29, 2007

An idea whose time has come

Dennis Supple, an employee of the city of Denver, CO, has had it. He says the city's "diversity program" -- specifically a video titled "Laughing Matters -- Think About It" -- is "racially motivated against white males" and the whole program is "institutional racism against Anglos:

The video, titled Laughing Matters - Think About It, is meant to show employees how humor at the expense of others diminishes respect in the workplace. The character who breaks all the rules is Billy, a white, blue-collar worker who's a racist, sexist goofball.

In one scene, Billy is told that another employee named Carlos can't do anything because he's waiting for supplies.

"What's his problem?" Billy says. "He can't sell breakfast burritos without the supplies or he takes a siesta?"

Supple said the video violates his civil rights and that he's considering taking the equity in his house to file a lawsuit to stop the city from showing it.

"Diversity, to me, doesn't mean hammer the white guy," Supple said. "Diversity means you have respect for everyone, regardless of their race, their gender, their religion, their sexual orientation."

Supple said further that "If you portrayed a black woman (or a Hispanic or a homosexual) in that manner, there'd be hell to pay." And he's 100% correct. It'd sure be interesting to see what the outcome of a lawsuit would be.

And wouldn't it be a good idea for irritated students at colleges around the country (like the University of Delaware!) to file "hostile educational environment" complaints with university officials or some other entity when they're mandated to listen to tripe like "only whites can be racist"? After all, someone please explain to me how this is any different from saying "only blacks can be ____________ (fill in the stereotype)" or "only Hispanics can be ___________ (fill in the stereotype)" or "only Asians can be ______________ (fill in the stereotype)"?

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