November 20, 2007

National Review picks up on U.D. "noose" case

... over at Phi Beta Cons.

UPDATE: Loyal Colossus reader Fred Gregory sends word of a FrontPage magazine article detailing still more on the UD thought-control garbage. Check this out:

... the Gilbert/Harrington complex’s “assessment plan” states that “through the Gilbert/Harrington curriculum experience (a treatment) specific attitudinal or behavioral changes (learning) will occur.” A curriculum assessment plan from the Russell Complex questions: “What is [students’] attitude and/or values about those specific social identities after the treatment?”

Ye gad. I lived in Harrington complex my freshman year and I tell 'ya -- if some freakin' RA tried to force me to participate in this nonsense ... !! You just gotta love that use of the term "treatment" as if the frosh had some sort of "disease." (Well, to the typical radical diversophile, they do have a disease: Racism!)

Then there's this from Rodney complex, home of the phone booth-sized dorm rooms:

The Rodney Housing Complex documents echo the language of psychological conditioning, explaining that they chose to hire “strong male RA’s” after concluding that male students displayed “a higher degree of resistance to educational efforts” than female students and that a strong male figure “combats male residents’ concepts of traditional male identity.”

Gee, I wonder what that could possibly mean!

And now the testimonials from RAs who disliked the program are coming to the fore:

“I was an RA before they started this new curriculum at the University of Delaware. When they instituted this curriculum, they had a ‘you better love it, or get out!’ attitude… Many of the former RAs who had returned were fed up with this curriculum, and any time we spoke up about it, our concerns were shot down, and we were branded as trouble makers … supervisors were selected not based on their abilities to manage dorms … but instead, those RAs who were most passionate about the curriculum got to lead the residence halls.”
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