November 14, 2007

It's been over a month now ...

UPDATE: Check out the Nov. 15 update on the UD "noose" incident.


... since the [supposed hate-crime] noose-hanging incident at Columbia University. On Oct. 11 the university turned over videotape to determine who the culprit was. As our own Felix asked nine days later, how long does such an examination take?

The proverbial odor in Denmark comes to mind...

... as it does now right here in the First State at the University of Delaware. Apparently, someone hung a noose somewhere on its campus, and after local police closed the investigation because they found nothing conclusive, the university asked them to reopen the case:

Several weeks ago, a report was made to police about a noose seen on Orchard Road near the main campus area downtown. Officers looked into the report, but the investigation was closed after police determined it not to be conclusive, Senior Vice President Scott Douglass said.

But reports of the siting(!!) persisted, and UD administrators asked police to reopen the investigation, Douglass said. Officials said they could not provide more details about the report because the investigation is ongoing.

Aside from writer Rachel Kipp's pathetic spelling skills, how fishy does THIS sound? Fresh off a national imbroglio over their RA indoctrination program, now the college has the perfect excuse to bring back the program -- or some derivative thereof:

“There is no room for such actions in our community and the university will continue to enforce a zero-tolerance for hate,” UD President Patrick Harker said in a statement.

Harker met with more than 30 African-American students this morning to discuss reports of the noose and the students’ concerns about the recent canceling of a residence life educational program.

Harker said UD officials are committed to having a revamped diversity awareness program in place by the time freshmen arrive for the fall 2008 semester.

There have been a number of reports across the country this year of nooses found on college campuses, at high schools, in post offices and elsewhere. One of the most highly publicized was the Jena Six case in Louisiana. In that case, six black teenagers were accused of beating a white student. The incident occurred after nooses were hung from a tree on a local high school campus.

See? In order to prevent this "epidemic" of noose hangings, UD MUST bring back its diversity program! (By the way, notice too the outright phony invocation of a direct relationship between the Jena noose hangings and the subsequent student beating. The two were not related to one another if Ms. Kipp had bothered to do even a smidgen of research. See here, also.)

Could this noose have been a plant? Way too early to tell. (It sure doesn't help that each incident garners major press coverage -- each "incident" is sure to generate some "copycats" just to grab a cheap headline.) "Several weeks ago" brings us back to around Halloween time, so perhaps it was an innocuous (in the owner's mind) decoration. But hate crimes hoaxes unfortunately are all too real (especially on campuses), and the lag time in the Columbia noose investigation -- and now this sudden reopening of an investigation that was dropped because nothing could be determined ... at the exact moment that the university is in the midst of a major diversity program scandal ...

Color me suspicious.

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"Color you"? Racist! Racist! Please report to re-education

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